Start the Process

When can my Child Start the Certificate Program?

Understanding how piano method levels are structured is key to when your child is ready for the first level of the exam books. Not all method books coincide with the same level of difficulty and pace of learning. Every student is different and may need more time to settle into the exam books, take supporting theory classes, gain more performance experience before actually trying to take the exam.

There is really no age limitations on how early a student can join the certificate program. It is more about being able to play at a sufficient skill level and have the understanding of the supporting concepts that are required. We have had children as young as 5 years old enter the program.


Our teachers are trained in guiding the student and determining when that time is right. It is our goal that every child has a positive exam experience. Beginner students who have been enrolled in our group piano classes take an average from 6 months to 1 year to qualify to start the exam process at prep level. Students taking private lessons can be ready prepared at higher levels. Readiness depends on the student's practice habits and consistent attendance of the supplemental rhythm and theory classes.

Prior to Registering

Check list:

  • Set up an appointment to take a theory assessment test (arrange with the Director)

  • Ask your teacher to assess your child's playing skill level

  • Enroll in the appropriate supplemental theory classes and attend regularly

  • Purchase the mandatory books for your child's assessed level

  • Begin working out of the books for a few months

  • Determine an approriate exam date goal with your teacher