Registration & Exams


Your teacher will recommend which exam session is best to register for based on your child's progress.​ Once the exam session has been determined, you will need to set up a parent account in order to register. You will be able to select a date, time, location and pay for the exam. As soon as the registration is open, try to secure your child's spot. The spaces can fill up quickly, which will result in getting placed on a waiting list.

Link to How to Register for an Examination

Make sure you have the following information handy:

  • Your teacher's identification number

  • The correct level your child is entering the exam with

  • Whether it is a practical (performing) or theory (written) exam

Plan for Your Exam

How to plan for your exam

RCM Piano Syllabus - Print for details of exam requirements and scoring

Examination Forms - Print at least two weeks before exam and bring to your teacher

(Choose the form appropriate to your instrument)

After the Exam

You will receive test scores and detailed judge comments through your RCM account that you used to register. Keep in mind that the judges are not allowed to communicate any opinions or thoughts on how your child has performed after the exam. These are closed exams and parents or spectators are not allowed inside during the exam process.

A certificate will be mailed from the Royal Conservatory of Music following the exam, based on the score of the student.