New Student Information

Music Lessons

Our Process:


​•  At your initial consultation, our teachers carefully assess each student and tailor a program appropriate to age, level, personality, and goals.

•  Your success is our success. From initial consultation through structured and guided progression, our enthusiastic teachers keep our students involved and engaged. 

•  We are committed to ensuring a positive learning environment that facilitates creativity and musical development.

•  With dynamic additions to our menu of class offerings, we continue to provide interesting opportunities for students of all levels and ages to explore their musicianship.

•  Our long term goal is to enable our students with a strong foundation in core music skills. Whether their goal is to become a professional or simply to grow an appreciation for music, we work with students to develop their natural musical abilities. 

The Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument

Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.


From intellectual, aural, physical and emotional sensories, there is a wide range of benefits to learning a musical instrument at any stage of life. As many studies have shown, MUSIC is the link to better listening skills and coordination for younger children, understanding abstract or mathematical concepts and promoting self-confidence throughout childhood/adolescence, and exercising a sharper memory and relieving stress for adults. Most importantly, it should be an enriching and positive experience that is enjoyed when the individual is open and willing to learn.